Illegal aliens to hotels, nursing homes

(H/T – Kevin Fischer) reports that Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano is pursuing plans to move certain classes of captured illegal aliens from jails to “converted hotels and nursing homes”.

Quoting Napolitano, “Our detention system has some who have committed crimes, others whose crimes under federal law is a misdemeanor, others who have as I said before not committed a crime at all.” Pont of order – the mere act of illegally entering the country, or overstaying one’s permitted length of stay, is a misdemeanor with deportation as one of the penalties. I do note, however, that a successful claim of asylum does wipe that out.

Here in Milwaukee, the city had the “bright” idea back in the late 1980s of housing “low-risk” drug addicts in city-owned senior housing facilities. Crime in those facilities skyrocketed. Given most of those who are here illegally also engaged in, at a minimum, identification fraud, I foresee the same thing happening.

The news gets worse; the DHS is planning on expanding a limited “Alternatives to Detention” program to include release-and-“supervision”, including non-electronic supervision. The CNS news story notes that resembles the previous “catch-and-release” program, where released illegal aliens simply melted back into the general population without showing up for a scheduled court date.

They did ask Napolitano whether the expanded ATD program would simply be a return to “catch-and-release”, and to her credit, she noted that “catch-and-release” did not work. The question is whether she will ignore the fact that not keeping constant tabs on those in the ATD program will be a return to “catch-and-release”.

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