Tech notes, Ajax Edit Comments edition

This is your friendly neighborhood tech guy popping in for just a moment. Something changed in the comment loop between WordPress 2.8.5 and WordPress 2.8.6 to cause the “icon” version of Ajax Edit Comments to go outside the comment box. What it is, I don’t know because the HTML source is unchanged, and a similar thing happened on a test blog of mine when I updated to 2.8.6.

I did figure out that a “text-only” presentation does display properly in 2.8.6, so I switched this place to that. However, on recent posts you’ve seen here, you may or may not still have the “icon” version. That is a funtion of JavaScript, and to get rid of that on Windows, you’ll need to delete the temporary files stored by Java (not Internet Explorer). To do that, head to the Control Panel, open up Java, click on the “Settings…” button in the “Temporary Internet Files” section of the “General” tab, and click “Delete Files…”.

Sorry about the inconvenience.

Revisions/extensions (8:17 pm EST 11/14/2009) – I did figure out, after a fashion, why the icons were breaking the theme. There was no line break being generated by the plugin, and it actually also affects 2.8.5. The reason why I didn’t notice was because I have threaded comments at my blog, and the “reply to this comment” that is part of that generates the line break.

I did let the plugin author know what the problem was and what the fix is. Once he gets it incorporated into the next version of Ajax Edit Comments, ST will be able to update that and get the icons back.

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