Living with New Moon fever

Even yours truly isn’t a stranger to feeling a little of the excitement Twihards all over the country felt today at the release of New Moon, the sequel to Twilight – both, of course, based on the Twilight book series by Stephenie Meyer. Was going to wait a couple of weeks before going to see it, when I figured the crowds would have died down a bit – but I couldn’t wait that long. Me and my sis, who is also a big Twilight fan, will be going to a morning showing of it tomorrow at a theater near where she lives. We’re hoping that we’ll be early enough that we’ll be able to get into the theater without being crushed by a mob ;)

Here’s one of the trailers from the movie:

For all two of you who are curious as to which “camp” I’m in, both my sis and I are “Team Edward” gals all the way. :D

People really have been going vampire crazy over the last several years, eh? There are several TV series’ out that are all about vampires, including HBO’s True Blood and CW’s Vampire Diaries (the latter of which I watch). VD is based on the early 90s book series of the same name written by L. J. Smith, who I’m sure has been accused more than once of “stealing” from the Twilight series, even though the Twilight series came out well after hers did.

What is it about vampires we (or let me rephrase that: women) like about vampires? Well, I think it boils down to the age old thing of women having a thing for bad boys. In the case of Edward Cullen, it’s liking a guy who is supposed to be “bad” but who in reality is good – he’s someone who is always struggling to keep his, um, more primal urges under control. He’s got a sense of humor, he’s talented, he’s strong, he’s protective, he’s loyal, good looking … he’s pretty much the total package.

Except for the whole “undead” thing :D