Suddenly, last summer

Dang – I sure as heck miss summer. Can’t put my finger on why, because I normally dig fall more than any other season. I think we’ve just gotten so much rain and it’s been cool to cold on and off the last few weeks (with a couple of nice days sprinkled in between) that I’m over it already. Bring on sweet smells of spring and the summer days where it’s daylight longer when I get home from the 8-5!

Having an extremely restless night. Tried to play around with getting my old computer tower, which crashed in September thanks to a virus, to come back up – was so close, but it won’t stop attempting to start up in safe mode. On top of that, I’ve got neighbors across the parking lot from me who have had friends over on their back deck talking and laughing to loudly that there’s no doubt the neighbors next to them have to be having a fit.

Note to townhome/condo dwellers: If you’re going to host family and friends outdoors at night, please take it inside after 11. That way maybe your restless neighbors won’t be so restless.

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