NC8 Watch: Tim D’Annunzio’s “us vs. them” rallying cry goes down in flames

I wrote last night about the interparty GOP battle going on between NC8 contenders Tim D’Annunzio and Harold Johnson, and how Tim D’Annunzio was falsely running as the “anti-establishment” candidate and how he was portraying Harold Johnson as a “center left” candidate simply because, unlike D’Annunzio, Johnson had received the official endorsements of so many local, state, and national GOP politicos rather than from the various local Tea Party movements.

That’s changed today. Local Tea Party movers and shakers have joined the growing list of conservatives and Republicans throwing their support behind Harold Johnson:

Concord, North Carolina (May 26, 2010). Today, Harold Johnson, Republican Candidate for the 8th Congressional District, announced the endorsement of six key players in the Tea Party movement: Craig Nannini, Mecklenburg County Tea Party Leader; Rev. Russ Fincham, Tea Party Patriot activist from Rockingham; Corey Thompson, Co-Founder of CAUTION (“Common Americans United To Inspire OUR Nation”), Tea Party activist, and candidate for Mecklenburg County Commission At Large; Tariq Bokhari, Charlotte Political Activist and Tea Party Organizer; Kristie Chapman, Tea Party speaker and conservative blogger; and Lori Stadler, Former Communications Chairwoman for We the People of Cabarrus County, a group that endorsed D’Annunzio prior to the May 4th primary.

You can read statements from some of the Tea Partiers who have endorsed Johnson at that same link.

This is wonderful news, and now “officially” prevents TD from being able to credibly suggest that Johnson is the “establishment/center left” candidate. I’m sure he’ll still try though. He’s sponsoring a car in one of the races here in Concord this weekend. Maybe he’s hoping that the NASCAR fans in attendance will be too drunk/exhausted from heat to care about the issues and the character of the man.

Let’s hope these endorsements help Harold Johnson be able to have a victory celebration of his own on June 22nd, the day of the runoff.

I read last night on Twitter that a debate between TD and Johnson has been scheduled for June 9th, but there were no other details. I’ll let you know more when I know more.

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