Preparing for the premiere of Eclipse

I haven’t been this excited about a movie premiere since, well, New Moon came out. ;) A sneak peek clip of Eclipse:

Still haven’t read the whole Twilight series (have just read Twilight), even though I have all four books in hardback in a special hardback case. ;) I’ll get around to it. It’s just that my stack of “books to read” is so high …

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Oh, and BTW, some people are under the impression that it’s just teenage girls who love this series. I can assure you it’s not just them. My sisters are older than I am, and they love it. I have numerous friends who dig it. Was reading some Tweets just a few days ago from fellow Tweeps who like it. A lot of women just enjoy the love story, a story about a man who will go through whatever it takes to make sure the woman he loves is always safe and happy, and the woman who loves him and would do anything for him in spite of his one glaring fault: that he’s a vampire, but didn’t choose to be.

I’ll be seeing it at least twice – once with a friend as part of her birthday celebration, and the other time with my sisters. Both times this weekend. :D