Video: Pork is bipartisan

The latest winner of Reason.TV‘s “Porker of the Month” Award is Congressman Hal Rogers (R-KY). Wonder why?

Conservation or nepotism? Since 2007 Rogers has been promoting a bill which would provide federal grants to overseas wildlife protection for lions and cheetahs. Surprise! Rogers’ daughter is the grants administrator for the Namibia-based Cheetah Conservation Fund, and has been since—you guessed it—2007.

Here’s the video:

Good job, Hal. Glad to know the public treasury is your own private family-aid program.

Sadly, Roger’s Democratic opponent, Jim Holbert, is an advocate of single-payer health care, so that rules out voting for him to get rid of Porky Hal, who looks likely to win, anyway. Maybe next time a credible Republican candidate who treats public money as a trust and not his own private property will give Jim a run for his our money in a primary.

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