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At Power Line, Paul Mirengoff quotes a letter from a reader about President Obama’s refusal to give President Bush the credit he deserves for the Iraq surge, which turned a deteriorating war effort there into victory.Β  I want to republish a portion below, because it nearly perfectly summarizes my contempt for the national Democrats and their leftist allies for their conduct during the Iraq campaign:

I will never forget or forgive the way the left behaved during this episode. For those who voted against the war (the majority of Democratic representatives and a minority of Democratic senators), I can at least credit them with consistency. But for those whose opposition came only after public opinion had shifted, I have nothing but contempt.

The antiwar wave did not arise spontaneously, but was the conscious effort of the left, including the Democrats, and for most, was opportunistic. They sacrificed the national interest in order to gain political advantage. Nothing is easier than building opposition to a war. Wars are appalling, whether necessary or morally justifiable. They create death and mayhem, last longer than most people anticipate, and are usually plagued by unanticipated difficulties and setbacks.

The left/liberal/Democrats took full advantage of all of these inherent difficulties in prosecuting a war. They cynically, opportunistically, and dishonestly carried out a campaign to undermine support for the war, attacking President Bush’s honesty and motives in pursuing the war, and vilifying anyone, in fact, who continued to support the war.

The full page ad taken out by MoveOn.org during General Petraeus’ appearance before Congress captures the spirit of this campaign perfectly. It is a miracle that President Bush, General Petraeus, and the US military perservered in the face of this vicious campaign of vilification and brought us to the point at which we now find ourselves. How can the left behave this way? Well, it helps to remember that many Democrats are internationalists anyway, and don’t really care much about US national interests. For a “citizen of the world,” patriotism is an anachronism, something we need to overcome.

(Emphasis added.)

The only thing missing is a mention of how the Democrats are just aping their political ancestors, the Copperheads.

And, no, I am not saying all criticism in time of war is illegitimate or a betrayal. One can criticize the reasons for going to war when debating whether to authorize it; one can criticize its conduct during a war, for that’s an important part of civilian audit of the military in a constitutional republic; one can even criticize continuing a war if one feels there is no national interest in continuing it.

But, to work against one’s own nation’s war interests, for example by proclaiming defeat before the issue is even resolved, and effectively give aid to the enemy in order to gain a cheap, short-term electoral advantage is despicable and swinish. The Democrats and their allies deserve to be sent into the electoral wilderness for a generation for their appalling ignobility, alone.

In other words, “Yeah, what he said.”Β  Frustrated

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