Meet Rambama – the Obama SEAL Team 6 action figure doll

This is NOT the story I wanted to start out my morning reading:

Navy SEALs have become national heroes since news broke that they took down Osama bin Laden, so it’s fitting that the newest action figure from a Connecticut company is a fierce-looking President Barack Obama as a SEAL.

The minute Obama said late on the night of May 1 that the U.S. had found and killed bin Laden, Emil Vicale knew which his action figure company’s would make next — Rambama.

On Wednesday morning, Hero Builders released the Obama SEAL Team 6 action figure — a muscular President in fatigues armed with an M1-A4.

Vicale, who owns the custom action figure company in Oxford, said the speech was a pivotal moment in the Obama presidency.

It was also a parallel to the speech that inspired the company in the first place almost 10 years earlier.

On Sept. 14, 2001, Vicale listened to then-President George Bush’s bullhorn speech from Ground Zero and was inspired to create Hero Builders.

As Bush stood there, with an arm around the shoulder of a New York City firefighter, Vicale saw what he thought was the first moment that Bush fit into his shoes as president.

“I can hear you. The rest of the world hears you and the people who knocked these building down will hear all of soon,” Bush said as New Yorkers chanted “U.S.A.”

Nothing about this doll fits the man who inspired it (make sure to take a look at the picture at the link above).  For one thing, as we all know President Obama doesn’t have a particular fondness for guns, firearms – or, well, anything you’d use for self-defense outside of pepper spray.   True, he did give the authorization to take out OBL – which some in the administration have tried to ridiculously paint as ‘just as courageous’ as the SEAL team that actually did the deed, but the ‘risks’ he took by making that decision did not involve putting his life on the line.  So, please, let’s keep things in perspective.  Secondly, this doll makes him look like a fierce, devoted war hero of sorts when in reality he’s staunchly anti-war.   Thirdly, it shows Obama bulked up – in fatigues.  The only thing bulked up about our celebrity President is his massive ego.  And the only thing fatigued are the growing number of Americans who are fed up with this administration’s agenda.

That said, God bless Mr. Vicale for his obvious patriotism. He might be more than a little off with the creation of the Obaam SEAL Team 6 doll, but you can’t deny that his heart is in the right place.

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