BREAKING: Michele Bachmann suffers from … migraines

The Season of Silly continues.  David French reports:

Among the more disgusting aspects of Washington life and politics is the anonymous attack by “former aides.” About the only thing that can be said for certain about such attacks is that they’re cowardly. As for their veracity? Their anonymity makes them immune to further questioning and renders us incapable of discerning whether they even had the access or first-hand knowledge they claim. All we’re left with are rumors — rumors elevated to national attention because they’re reproduced in reputable outlets.

Last night it was Michele Bachmann’s turn to be eviscerated by “former aides.” The Daily Caller reported (and Drudge picked it up) that she suffers from — wait for it — headaches. Apparently these former aides (medical doctors, no doubt) believe she’s “incapacitated” by migraines and this makes them “terrified” about her condition if she’s president.


Exactly one week ago, I wrote that Michele Bachmann should prepare for the Sarah Palin treatment. As Glenn Stanton noted today, the Left is coming after her with its customary class, accusing her husband of being gay. But now anonymous conservatives have bared their claws. I suppose such betrayals are inevitable in politics, but they are still intolerable.

And, sadly, they’ve only just begun.

As Campaign 2012 kicks into high gear, let’s all make sure we keep sharp our ability to discern when an attack is credible and worth discussing at length versus when one is clearly nothing more than gutter mud-flinging by people who – openly or not – are desperate to be “relevant” to the 2012 election season at the expense of someone else’s reputation.

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