Your daily dose of Marco Rubio

**Posted by Phineas

If you’re thoroughly disgusted with Congress (and if you aren’t you haven’t been paying attention), let me recommend a few minutes of listening to Senator Rubio (R-FL) speak. In this case, it’s on the occasion of the Senate’s recess after voting to accept the debt-limit deal. Sit back and take it in; you may want to have a cigarette ready for afterwards.

You know what I like about him? I mean, aside from being an eloquent patriot with a genuine love for his country and holding the right principles? He has a sense of history, both of the nation and of the institution in which he serves, and he honors those histories, feeling a sense of responsibility toward them. This is a senator who realizes his job is a temporary trust, not a lifetime entitlement. And that is all too rare.

So thank you, Charlie Crist, for being such a lousy candidate, and thank you, Florida voters, for making an infinitely better choice.

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