Happy birthday ObamaCare!

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You’re now in your “terrible twos,” and, boy, are you terrible!

Anyway, even though your political father is too chickensh… er… “modest” to mark the anniversary of you, his greatest achievement, there are others who care enough to mark the occasion and sing your “praises.” In fact, some people even made videos! Let’s turn down the lights and celebrate, shall we?

The first, from your friends at the NRCC, tells us what Grandma and Grandpa can look forward to, now that you’re going to take care of them:

(h/t Moe Lane)

Er… Well… Yeah. I’m sure they meant it in the nicest way.

Meanwhile, their buddies at the NRSC look back over what you’ve accomplished in the last two years:

(h/t Hot Air)

See? You done so much for to the country, and you have so much more to look forward to!

Especially when the Republicans take over in 2013.

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