(Video) The love of theory is the root of all evil

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In one of the best segments of Afterburner in recent memory, Bill Whittle explores the dangers of dogma, that obsessive devotion to a theory that leads one to ignore all evidence to the contrary, and the consequences be damned:

The genius of Bill’s proposition lies in its simplicity. Look at the Hell wrought on the world by some fools’ single-minded devotion to Marxist-Leninist-Maoist economics — how many hundreds of millions have died in Europe, Asia, and Africa?

Look at the trillions of dollars being wasted –the impoverishment of previously wealthy nations, such as Great Britain– because of the obsession with global warming, a problem that does not exist.

Look at our own nation, where secular priests demand we spend more, borrow more, and create more bureaucracy, in spite of all the evidence showing that, far from making things better, it’s only more of the same poison.

This battle is a fight between empiricism and intellectual honesty, on the one hand, and the emotional attachment to a cherished theory, on the other. For the sake of all that we hold dear, we must take that love of false theory, rip it out of the hands of those who cling to it like a soft blanket, shoot it dead before their eyes, and force them to face the empirical truth.

For their (and our) own good.

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