The Obama campaign destroyed with one graphic

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The Democrats are desperate to have this election focus on anything other than the rotten economy and Barack Obama’s miserable stewardship of it. Hence the flurry of “squirrels” we’re supposed to be distracted by: the fake “war on women;” Romney’s dog; same-sex marriage; and, oh, by the way, did you know Obama killed Osama? The troops are doing it “on my behalf.”

Anyway, the next time some Obamaton tries to convince you the election is about “social issues,” show them this, courtesy of The Pew Trusts (PDF):

Obama's record: people unemployed for more than a year.

(Click for a larger version.)

That’s the equivalent of a two-by-four to the head of a stubborn mule.

Or an Obama supporter.

via James Pethokoukis

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