Romney campaign quick to take advantage of Democratic gaffes

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Gaffes of the Kinsleyan kind, wherein a politician accidentally speaks the truth. Over the last weekend, prominent Democratic figures have criticized the Obama campaigns mendacious attacks on Mitt Romney’s tenure at Bain Capital. Corey Booker, Harold Ford, jr., and former “Car Czar” Steve Rattner all came out with “knock it off” messages. (1)

In fairness, Booker at least was also attacking Republicans for raising the Reverend Wright issue again, but what’s important here is his (and others’) criticisms that feed the idea that Obama is way too far to the left for most Americans.

Which he is.

This was hugely embarrassing for Obama, since, especially in the case of Mayor Booker, a charismatic and popular moderate Democrat, the deviations from the party line badly undercut one of Obama’s key class-warfare campaign messages.

Team Romney was again Johnny-on-the-spot:

I think you’ll be seeing this a lot in the coming months.

via the PJ Tatler

(1) And Booker has now paid the price for his “wrong thought,” being forced to abase himself on Twitter and on video to show his loyalty to The One. Where’s Andrei Vyshinsky when you need him?

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