Department of Injustice: fighting to keep foreigners on the voter rolls — UPDATED

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Update 2: Hold the presses. It seems Florida is still considering their response, and Reuters had to correct their original story.

Update: Florida has two words for the Civil Rights Division and their letter ordering Florida not to clean up its voter rolls: shove it!

Despite a Justice Department letter, objections from county elections officials and evidence that a disproportionate number are voters of color, Florida Secretary of State Ken Detzner’s office planned to continue scrubbing the election rolls, a spokesman said Friday. Gov. Rick Scott (R) ordered the search for potentially ineligible voters.

“We have an obligation to make sure the voter rolls are accurate and we are going to continue forward and do everything that we can legally do to make sure than ineligible voters cannot vote,” said Chris Cate, a spokesman for Detzner. “We are firmly committed to doing the right thing and preventing ineligible voters from being able to cast a ballot. We are not going to give up our efforts to make sure the voter rolls are accurate.”

Justice Department officials declined to comment on Florida’s plans.

Be sure to read Christian Adams’ analysis of the implications, including the danger posed to genuine civil rights enforcement by the DoJ’s actions.

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The State of Florida recently discovered thousands of dead and foreign persons on its voter rolls, so, Florida Secretary of State Ken Detzner did what any good public official would do: he began a process to clean up the lists and remove the potential for fraud.

The Voting Section of the United States Department of Justice ordered him to stop:

Not so fast, says Eric Holder’s DOJ.

In a letter to Detzner, the DOJ says to stop removing foreigners from the rolls. The Voting Section makes a dubious argument under Section 8 of the National Voter Registration Act, a law the Obama administration has refused to enforce because of ideological opposition. The letter notes that Elise Shore is the attorney behind the letter.


Recall that PJ Media produced the Every Single One series that exposed the partisan DOJ hiring practices and the radicalism of the DOJ Civil Rights Division lawyers hired by the Obama administration.

What do we know about Elise Shore from the installment about the Voting Section?

Read on to find out.

Former DoJ attorney J. Christian Adams has written extensively of the leftist ideological corruption (1) of the Civil Rights Division, of which he was once a part, including the above-linked “Every Single One” series. Every single word is worth reading and should set the blood boiling of anyone who cares about the equal administration of justice.

Of all the incompetents, statist ideologues, and flat-out racialists Obama has appointed to high office, Attorney General Eric Holder is the one I find most offensive and the one I hold in genuine contempt. His devotion to a concept of “justice” based on the color of one’s skin — little more than an ethnic spoils or “payback” system — mutilates the Rule of Law and takes a sledgehammer to one of the foundations of our republic. It is not unjust to say that Eric Holder has made America a worse place during his tenure.

And that’s not even considering the “Fast and Furious” scandal.

President Romney’s AG is going to have a lot of housecleaning and repair work to do.

(1) I reviewed Mr. Adams’ book, Injustice, in an earlier post.

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