VIDEO: A clever way to convince teenage girls to “wait a while” :)

Ever seen the movie 17 Again? This is a clip from it. It’s a fairly cheesy affair – Zac Efron plays an older man who in a twist of fate morphs back into his 17 year old body … but in current times, and he gets a chance to redeem himself with his wife, who wants to divorce him, and his two teenage kids, who he attends school with as a “fellow student.”

His teenage daughter Maggie is in a relationship with your typical hormone-driven teenage guy magnified by about 100. All the guy wants to do is get laid, and of course it makes Efron’s “dad” character crazy. This clip is from Health Ed class, on the day the teacher decides to talk to the class about sex. The teacher – played by a very toned down Margaret Cho – opens up the discussion by saying the school’s official policy on pre-marital sex was abstinence but that they also felt it was important to “be prepared.” She then passes around a basket full of condoms. Hilarity ensues as Efron’s character talked up abstinence to a room full of teenagers. But watch as he turns the tables on the class by explaining why it’s important to wait. Maggie’s boyfriend hates it, but the girls in the class room have a decidedly different reaction. :)

Haha! Of course, I know this is a Hollywood movie and the likelihood of this succeeding in real life is not that great, but I gotta tell ya – had I heard this argument when I was in health class, I woulda listened … and I’m not the only one I know who would have. :D