If you’re skeptical of man-caused global warming, you are like German putschists — Updated

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Don’t look at me like that. I’m not the one who compared rational skepticism about a seriously flawed theory to a Nazi coup d’etat:

…However, not everyone agrees with me on this, and one of my most perceptive critics, David Brin, whose insightful columns on science often appear here in the San Diego Jewish World, too, is one of them….[Brin] ”Especially since the recommendations do not amount to ‘sitting in the dark and shivering while ruining the economy.’ Nobody wants that. Not even hippies. There are prudent measures we could take now, to prevent the worst mass extinction event in 65 million years. ’This is political. It is a putsch by the same Junkers feudal caste that foisted Hitler on the German people… “in order to prevent socialism.” It is a Big Lie campaign by the feudal aristocracy that started and maintained the diaspora for 2000 years’

Umm… New Tone Alert? Godwinning?

Of course, this isn’t the first time skeptics of dangerous man-caused climate change have been accused of being little better than Holocaust-deniers; CBS’ Scott Pelley (1) did that years ago. And besides, it’s kind of a step down: What’s being a genocidal maniac compared to being a traitor to the whole planet?

We Holocaust deniers Jew haters skeptics have our standards, after all.

Unlike, apparently, some best-selling science fiction authors.

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(1) Have I mentioned that Scott Pelley is a smug, arrogant jackass? Why yes, I believe I have.

UPDATE: To clarify the intent of the title of this post, my sarcasm was not directed at Danny Bloom, the author of the quoted San Diego Jewish World article, but David Brin, the science fiction author, who made a very ill-thought and degrading comparison of climate-change skeptics to backers of an attempted coup by the deeply anti-semitic Nazi Party. I’ve edited the quoted portion to be more precise. I’ve also edited the title to more closely reflect Brin’s words.

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