Schadenfreude for lunch: Wisconsin recall losers in denial #WIrecall — Updated with more mockery!

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Admit it: it’s fun to laugh and point at the other side, whether in politics or sports, especially when they do anything but admit reality — that they didn’t just lose, but had their heads handed to them. Fair and square.

And so, my friends, here’s one last bit of gloating over the results of Tuesday’s recall election in Wisconsin. Behold the stalwart few, certain they did not lose. It’s that CNN called the election too early. Or something.

Hey, the CNN guy got off lucky. One of Mayor Barrett’s (D-Loser) “supporters” slapped him for conceding too soon.

They don’t get that whole “lose with grace” thing, do they?

Well, they’re going to love November.

via Jammie Wearing Fool

UPDATE: Thanks to Bob in the comments, we see the Republican Governors Association has decided to have a little fun of their own at the pundits’ expense:

Heh. :D

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