(Video) In which Bill Whittle tries to depress me. And succeeds

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I’ve mentioned before that I consider myself  a child of the space program, following the heroics of our astronauts from Mercury to Apollo and even getting to stay home from school on launch days. When the government program declined, I took heart in private efforts to put Mankind into space, and I was happy that California, my home state, the state that had achieved so much in aerospace and technology, was taking the lead in private space efforts, hosting two of the budding industry’s leading companies.

And then I watched this:

But at least we get a high-speed train to nowhere

Confiscatory taxes, insane regulation, and a state government controlled by a party dedicated to looting the taxpayer to pay for a spoils system that rewards its clients, instead of governing for the good of all. California’s only success these days is in driving its most productive people elsewhere.

Will the last business to leave California please turn out the lights? 

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