Sign of DOOM for Obama in Virginia?

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Douglas Wilder, former Virginia governor, a Democrat, and the first African-American governor in US history, attended a presidential fundraiser in Richmond tonight.

For Mitt Romney:

At a fundraiser at the Richmond, VA Marriott tonight for the Romney campaign, there was a surprise guest. Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell introduced Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal, who in turn introduced Rep. Paul Ryan. But before McDonnell took the mic, another figure was acknowledging dignitaries in the crowd. Among those dignitaries addressed from the stage, was former Virginia Gov. Douglas Wilder, according to a Tatler source who was there.


Gov. Wilder’s appearance at a fundraiser for the Republican presidential ticket is sure to set off shock waves among the Democrats, and lead to speculation that he could shake up the race with more criticism of the Democratic ticket.

Wilder has been highly critical of Joe Biden’s idiotic “they gonna put y’all in chains” comment; maybe that was the last straw for him.

No photos, and this could be just a rumor, but, if true, it’s a blaring siren telling Obama that he can kiss off a swing state he can little afford to lose.

Afterthought: Does two make a trend? First former Democrat congressman Artur Davis endorses Romney and becomes a Republican. Now another African-American centrist Democrat crosses over to back the other guy. Who’s next?

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