An example of how Obamacare makes for worse-care

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Justin Binik-Thomas’s daughter was born a few months ago with three fingers fused on one hand. The good news is surgery was recently developed that can correct this and that the family has insurance that will pay everything outside the deductible. The bad news?

For children born just a couple of years from now with the same problem, the care won’t be nearly as good:

We have met with various medical professionals to discuss treatment options. There were several possibilities discussed, and we were able to weigh these options for the best fit: Zoe’s surgery is scheduled for the day after Christmas.

We knew that surgery was likely in the near future and chose to select a top-notch full coverage insurance plan this year.

The hospital informed us that this is a fairly new operation perfected over just the last five years. However: this surgery will “cease to be available in two years for insurance patients due to ObamaCare.” This is a quote from the flustered nurse at the hospital.

This plan pays all costs incurred after the deductible, provided the services are provided in-network. The plan goes away in 2014 as a result of the health law. The best new plans to replace this will pay for 90% after deductible, and will cost more. If our daughter was born just two years later we would pay more for insurance, have inferior treatment options, and be triaged (meaning delayed) for treatment. That, in my mind, is regressive. It is not progressive as many would have us believe.

Mr. Binik-Thomas is being kind; this isn’t just “regressive,” it’s downright cruel. Chasing the mirage of free healthcare for all, national Democrats and the Left (but I repeat myself) have foisted on the nation a monstrosity that will only make care worse, even for children.

And what a bitter irony for a party that likes to play the “for the children” card whenever they can.

Be sure to read the rest of Binik-Thomas’s article for examples of how Obamacare, while only partially implemented, is already degrading the quality of healthcare. I imagine that nurse isn’t alone in her frustration. I’m certain the rest of us are in for our own.

Obamacare has got to go.

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