Tolerant, open-minded gun-control fans wish for murder against NRA head and members

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Because, of course, the NRA, which was founded to promote marksmanship and responsible firearms practice, is somehow to blame for the actions of a madman:

And that’s not the only one, believe me.

Like Jonah Goldberg, I’d suggest “Angry Democrat” and anyone sharing his fantasy think twice about attacking NRA headquarters. Unlike the “gun-free zones” liberals think will magically keep people safe, I can guarantee there are no defenseless victims waiting for an avenging angel there.

PS: Just to clarify, before someone accuses me of being a gun-nut. I do not own a firearm, nor do I have the desire to own one. I do however, believe in a natural right to self-defense and I believe the authors of the 2nd amendment were wise in recognizing that right. (Note: “recognizing,” not “granting.”) I therefore have no problem with responsible adults owning firearms for self-defense, sport, or hunting. And I have no problem with responsible, law-abiding adults carrying weapons, whether concealed or open. Society might well be safer if more people did. I do, however, have a huge problem with people who encourage the denial of those rights to millions of responsible, law-abiding adults —a form of collective punishment— because of the horrific actions of a few individuals.

RELATED: Fellow Californian Kurt Schlichter says “Sure, let’s have that conversation about guns.” It is must-reading. Contrary to popular gun-control fantasies, research shows mass shootings are not on the rise. And there is some evidence that both violence and gun ownership are on the decline in the US. Dana Loesch looks at Sandy Hook and other recent mass-killings and argues why gun-control is not the answer. Australia’s Tim Blair argues that more guns means fewer deaths. Finally, Glenn Reynolds has a series of excellent questions for gun-control advocates. My two favorites:

If you’re a media member or politician, do you have armed security? Do you have a permit for a gun yourself? (I’m asking you Dianne Feinstein!) If so, what makes your life more valuable than other people’s?


Have you talked about “Fast and Furious?” Do you even know what it is? Do you care less when brown people die?

Can’t wait for the answers.

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