The mystery of Obama and #Benghazi

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US Consulate, Benghazi
US Consulate, Benghazi

In my last post, I focused on Hillary Clinton’s craven behavior, driven by her lust for the Oval Office. But, as I point out, that doesn’t let Obama off the hook. He is the President, he is the Commander in Chief, and yet when American diplomats were attacked that night, he apparently went to bed.

Andrew Malcolm has a great column at IBD blasting Obama. Here’s an excerpt, but read the whole thing:

Obama has had himself photographed firmly atop other national security events like the whacking of Osama bin Laden. The Democrat held a brief Rose Garden photo op on Benghazi the next morning before rushing off to fundraisers in Las Vegas. We know he and Clinton both blamed the offensive video for weeks after they knew that line was phony.

What we don’t know is where the hell was the commander-in-chief all-night while two former SEALs, a communications specialist and the first U.S. ambassador in three decades were being murdered on-duty six time zones away.

We do know that then Secy. of Defense Leon Panetta claims Obama instructed him in the early evening of 9/11 to do everything necessary to protect Americans and embassies abroad.

We also know now that “everything” wasn’t really anything at all.

But I’m sure he got a good night’s sleep.

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