(Video) Afterburner: civility

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There’s an old saying that “you catch more flies with honey than with vinegar.” That is, people are more likely to do what you want (or at least not do what you don’t want) when you use kind words, rather than cross ones.

Bill Whittle takes two examples –being stopped for speeding by LAPD and his recent experience at Β local Chick-fil-A– Β to make a larger point about being treated civilly and with respect by the government:

And he’s right, though I think his opening about civility in daily life stands on its own, too. It’s simple common courtesy, the kinds that makes the treadmill of life a bit easier for everyone involved: when you cut through a line, say “pardon me,” don’t just barrel through. When you’re on a cell call in the grocery line and your turn comes at the register, tell the person on the other end you’ll get back to them, hang up, and pay attention to the human in front of you. You don’t have to be fawning ; just treat the other person with a little respect and consideration, and you may be surprised at how much easier and better your day is.

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