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…and, through him, with Alan Dershowitz. If anyone should be investigated by the Feds for civil rights violations, it should be Angela Corey, the Florida state prosecutor who conducted what amounted to a Stalinist show trial against George Zimmerman:

Dershowitz singled out special prosecutor Angela Corey for “disciplinary action.”

He criticized the state’s probable-cause affidavit for not including evidence indicating Zimmerman could have been acting in self-defense, including graphic images of blood streaming from his scalp and nose.

“The prosecutor had in her possession photographs that would definitely show a judge that this was not an appropriate case for second-degree murder,” the Harvard professor told Newsmax. “She deliberately withheld and suppressed those photographs, refused to show them to the judge, got the judge to rule erroneously this was a second-degree murder case.

“That violated a whole range of ethical, professional, and legal obligations that prosecutors have. Moreover, they withheld other evidence in the course of the pretrial and trial proceedings, as has been documented by the defense team,” he said.

Dershowitz described the prosecution’s attempt late in the case to add a third-degree murder charge by asserting the shooting constituted child abuse “so professionally irresponsible as to warrant sanctions and investigations.”

Dershowitz said various legal and bar association organizations could investigate how the state handled the prosecution. He added it could warrant a federal investigation as well.

“I think people’s rights have been violated,” the famed attorney told Newsmax, “but it was the rights of the defendant and the defense team, by utterly unprofessional, irresponsible, and in my view criminal actions by the prosecutor,” he said.

I haven’t written much about this case, largely because it was clear to me early on that this was self-defense and because my blog-buddy ST was already doing stellar work.

But the issue of prosecutorial misconduct truly makes me angry. Corey took a man, against whom there was no good evidence (remember, the local PD and prosecutor had declined to file charges), and subjected him to public vilification and defamation (and she still is!), not to mention the tremendous stress and expense of a trial. His liberty was at stake and his life and the lives of his family still are.

And for what? Angela Corey’s personal political advancement? To satisfy the howling mob in the streets and the media that wanted a scapegoat to validate their damnable narrative that this was still the South of Bull Connor? What possible reason justified this prosecution persecution? Whatever it was, the result was a farce and an insult to American ideals of justice that would have Freisler and Vyshinsky nodding in approval.

We give prosecutors wide discretion in this country, which inevitably means there will be abuses. But this is the worst instance I’ve seen since the Duke rape case of 2006. It was nothing short of appalling.

If the word “justice” meant anything to the Eric Holder Department of Justice (other than the racially twisted, Orwellian definition they’re wedded to), their investigation into this case would center on Angela Corey and the judge, not George Zimmerman.

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