ST in the Media: ST on tonight’s Roundtable Of Extreme Liberty

Wednesday Update – 8:53 AM: Here’s the direct link to last night’s show. :)


Allan Bourdius (@allanbourdius) and Taylor Millard (@EyeDesertBlog) are back live on Vigilant Liberty Radio with a new, live edition of The Roundtable of Extreme Liberty on Tuesday, January 28, 2014 at 10pm Eastern/7pm Pacific!

It’s State of the Union address night, so we’ll have some instant reaction to the Presidential blather coming out of the House of Representatives – and are three GOP responses to President Obama really necessary? Who’s paying attention anyway?

Then, we’re off to Texas to talk about gubernatorial candidate Wendy Davis, her playing fast and loose with the facts of her personal story, and her new support base of the proprietors of (Can’t stop laughing about that!)

Hopefully we’ll also have time to talk about “Planet Hillary”, where apparently they got rid of personally driven automobiles in 1996.

Joining me will be none other than the Queen of Blogging and Social Media herself – and just all around one of my favorite conservatives ever – Dr. Melissa Clouthier aka “@MelissaTweets“.   Hope you can tune in!

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