Weekend Open Thread / Tip Jar Update

Open Thread
Open thread …. literally : )

Had a rough last couple of weeks, so I will spend the rest of the Saturday afternoon with family and then friends in order to put the icky stuff behind me. Refresh, renew, etc. :)

Reminder from last weekend’s open thread: In the coming weeks and months I am going to make a concerted effort to push more content on the blog, because as much as I love social media, oftentimes 140 characters to use to write with just isn’t enough space. ;)

Because eventually I’d like to turn writing into my livelihood, I need the funds to write, to keep the blog going, to pay for hosting, design and re-design efforts, and everyday expenses.  Plus, I’d like to also start paying my awesome co-blogger! I’ve had a PayPal account for years that I’ve rarely made appeals to contribute to, but now I am.

In addition to the PayPal account – where I’ve set a goal of around $800, I’ve also generated a “Go Fund Me” account (both links are now posted in the upper right side column on this page), and have set a goal there of $5,000.  This will be an ongoing effort, but my goal is to have this money raised in a month’s time.  If you support this blog and know others who do, please contribute via the PayPal or Go Fund Me links and make sure to share them on your Twitter and Facebook pages. I really appreciate the support already given but more is always encouraged and very much appreciated. Thank you!


This past week we got off to a slow start with the tip jar. Had a few nice donations, but I’m hoping in the coming weeks it picks up. Thanks again in advance. :)