Sure it’s a coincidence: Lerner’s PC “crashed” 10 days after congressional inquiry

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"Cross my fingers!"
“You can trust me!”

And if you believe that was an accident, have I got a bridge for you:

As to Ms. Lerner’s behavior, consider that House Ways & Means Chairman Dave Camp first sent a letter asking if the IRS was engaged in targeting in June, 2011. Ms. Lerner denied it. She engineered a plant in an audience at a tax conference in May 2013 to drop the bombshell news about targeting (maybe hoping nobody would notice?). She has subsequently asserted a Fifth Amendment right to silence in front of the only people actually investigating the affair, Congress. Now we learn that her hard drive supposedly defied modernity and suffered total annihilation about 10 days after the Camp letter arrived.

Is there something in those lost emails? The fact that they are “lost” at all probably answers that question.

Read the rest at Ace’s.

I’m sick of this crap. It defies any sense of the reasonable that her computer would just happen to crash mere days after a powerful congressman wrote to ask “Say, are you harassing people for their political beliefs?” There is something deliberate and criminal going on here.

But there is no way AG Holder will appoint a special counsel, so the only way to get to the bottom of this is House Select Investigating Committee. Yes, another one. I want it, I want it now, and I want these liars nailed to a wall.

Anyone have a Trey Gowdy clone handy?

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