I’m Never Trump – But I’m Glad He’s Exposing Hillary Clinton’s Hypocrisy On Sexual Assault


This is the word View co-host and noted progressive icon Joy Behar used to describe women who have accused Bill Clinton of sexual assault or rape on Monday’s show.

The View
The View

Equally as disturbing during the segment in question, shown above, is the insinuation by some of the other View co-hosts that the accusers were not victims, but instead played the role of “the other woman” – in other words, they had “affairs” with the former president and were not victimized by him.

We don’t know if any of the allegations – some of which go back decades – are true, but to hear them so cavalierly dismissed by women who would otherwise tell us the word of a woman claiming to have been abused by a man was sacrosanct was, frankly, appalling.

Behar later apologized for her comments, but conservative women who have long been on the receiving end of red-faced liberal feminist outrage and “traitor” accusations because we don’t toe the line on so-called “abortion rights,” the mythical “wage gap,” and who are otherwise critical of the duplicity and hypocrisy of female Democrat politicos know she didn’t mean them.

Intentionally or not, this is what GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump has exposed during the course of his campaign, more so than perhaps any conservative or Republican female figure has been able to do in modern history. Why? Trump inviting the Clinton’s accusers to sit in the audience in their most recent debate on one hand was outright chutzpah, considering he’s no Boy Scout himself – not by a long shot.

But on the other hand, in doing so, it forced the national media and left wing commentators like Behar to look in the mirror and examine their own two-faced rhetoric when it comes to “the war on women” and how female accusers are treated – which all boils down to who they’re accusing.

Trump’s “everything but the kitchen sink” approach has also – intentionally, I think – peeled the layers off the Hillary Clinton onion. I’m sure I’m not the only woman who was horrified in the 1990s to witness how then-First Lady Clinton, largely through surrogates, waged a vicious campaign of total and absolute personal destruction against her husband’s accusers.

What she did was far more than “stand by your man.” Her approach was to bury the president’s accusers in so much mud and filth that they’d be the ones put on trial in the court of public opinion, not her husband.

That’s the reason why what Trump has done with bringing this issue back into the light (albeit to detract from his own scandalous and despicable behavior with women) is so important. No, Bill Clinton isn’t the one running for president, but his wife is, and she’s the one who has repeatedly gone on record as saying we need to believe and support sexual assault accusers and victims.

Apparently this is only the case when it comes to accusers who Democrat politicians and their supporters feel they can use to their political advantage. When they can’t, it’s time to – metaphorically speaking – burn them at the stake.

Even if Hillary Clinton wins next month, she’ll carry with her not only the baggage that her husband’s a known serial womanizer, but that more people now know what desperate lengths she’ll go to in order to keep women who allege he’s victimized them quiet. Which may ultimately make her a one-termer.

That should be a comforting thought to Never Trumpers who, like myself, are not supporting Hillary, either, and who have found very little with which to be comfortable with or happy about this presidential election cycle. Stay tuned.

(I wrote this piece, which was originally published at IJR in October 2016)