Ben Shapiro Tackles the CNN/Trump press conference flap

Media analysis.

A good, balanced read from Ben Shapiro at the Daily Wire in which he analyzes CNN journo Jim Acosta’s behavior and President-Elect Trump’s controversial way of responding to it during a much-anticipated press conference earlier this week.

Trump was asked about an unverified “secret dossier” published at Buzzfeed that contains potentially damaging but uncorroborated allegations about Trump’s relationship with Russia.

In short, Shapiro says neither Acosta nor Trump is owed an apology from the other for what happened but provides some crucial context missing from the national reporting on their exchange. And – as is so important in media issues like this – he also points out that a president’s open hostility towards a news outlet or a journalist or journalists in particular is in no way unprecedented.

To add to that:

Make sure to read Ben’s full analysis here.