CNN’s Chris Cuomo Inadvertently Reveals The Real Problem With The “HB2 Wars”

Ladies only
Ladies only….

The so-called “bathroom wars” have been debated, discussed, and dissected so many times now that you’d think there was no point rehashing the deeply personal angles to them. But the activist Left and their righteous champions in the mainstream media keep providing sterling examples of just why these angles are so deserving of much sunlight.

Such was the case Thursday afternoon on Twitter. CNN anchor Chris Cuomo, brother of New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, was arguing on the social media platform with several people who expressed their worries about opening up ladies bathrooms, locker rooms, and the like to men. He had lengthy exchanges with several of them, and many of his responses downplayed the legitimate concerns shared by those opposed to repealing “bathroom laws” like NC’s HB2.

One response, however, stuck out more than the others:

The co-anchor of CNN’s “New Day” morning show believes protective dads who want to keep their pre-teen daughters safe – and the little girls themselves – are the real problem in the transgender bathroom debate. This was not taken out of context. It’s what he actually believes, because in his world there are no safety issues (fact check!) related to males exposing themselves in women’s locker rooms. Furthermore, young girls really should just get over their discomfort over seeing a man’s private parts.

Sound familiar? It should.

From the Charlotte Observer’s male-dominated editorial board – May 2016:

And fear of predators taking advantage of loopholes in laws to victimize women? Made up (fact check!), said the chairman of the Wake County, NC Democratic party (one of the largest in the state):

Remember all that talk just a few short years ago from the activist left about the “war on women” and how women’s safe spaces should be considered sacrosanct? Apparently that only applies when liberals are under threat of being exposed to differing viewpoints they may find upsetting to their delicate sensibilities. But to women – including sexual assault victims – who don’t want to change clothes, shower, go the restroom next to a man? Well – you must overcome your irrational fears, ladies, in the name of progress and equality or something.

We’ve discovered the real problems in the “bathroom wars” debates, and it’s not concerned women, children, and parents. It’s “no middle ground” types like Chris Cuomo, the Charlotte Observer, and the Democratic Party, all of who treat those who have real concerns over bathroom access as enemies of the state who will be made to conform – or else be shamed and bullied into silence.