Chris Cuomo: It’s A Myth That Little Girls Are Exposed To Male Genitalia

Shaking my head.

When last we left you, CNN “New Day” anchor Chris Cuomo was busy digging holes and spouting some pretty incredible (literally) rhetoric about how uncomfortable little girls and their “over-protective dads” were the real problem in the debate over HB2-like bills.

But if you thought he might have engaged in some much-needed introspection over the weekend and concluded he crossed the line with those comments, guess again. As if he couldn’t get any worse, he suggested in a tweet the following Monday that young girls being exposed to male genitalia “just doesn’t happen.” Seriously:

Cuomo Tweet - 2
‘Just doesn’t happen.’ Wow.

I hate to disappoint you, Chris (not really), but indecent exposure indeed does happen. And not just to young girls. It happens to grown women, too. And the store policies and government laws that YOU support will ensure that there will be more victims, since those policies and laws take away the right to question someone suspicious before they enter women’s private facilities.

But, hey, this is all about “tolerance” to the Chris Cuomos of the world, even if concerned dads have to be told to buzz off, and young girls and women are forced to be around undressed men in their locker rooms or sexually victimized along the way in the name of “progress” and “coexisting.”

Let’s hope a friend, family member, or colleague stages a gentle intervention with Chris Cuomo before he gets any worse. Then again, it might actually be good if he keeps going. In his arguments we see through the window into the true nature of the activist left: It’s not about tolerance, nor coexisting. It’s about forced compliance. Their way or no way.

Cuomo is proof positive that so-called “progressives” usually end up being their own worst enemies. Keep up the good work, Chris!