The Charlotte Hate Crime The Activist Left Will Largely Ignore

Hate crime
Charlotte hate crime not sensational enough to dominate national headlines.

Last week in Charlotte, a disturbing incident which was quickly labeled a ‘hate crime’, took place at an Indian Nepali grocery store on Albemarle Road. Local news station WCNC reported at the time:

Police in east Charlotte are actively searching for a man accused of lighting an arson fire and leaving behind a disturbing note.

Investigators tell NBC Charlotte the incident is being investigated as a hate crime. The letter threatened to torture the refugee business owner of Central Market on Albemarle Road.


The fire at the front door eventually burned itself out, but the letter is still fanning the flames. It references President Trump, then goes on to threaten the store owner with torture if he doesn’t “go back where he came from.”

“Scared for my life because the letter shows that warning,” says Kamal Dhimal, owner of Central Market.

Dhimal is a Bhutan refugee, according to multiple media reports.

The hate-filled note was signed from “White America”:

Except surveillance video indicated the suspect was not white:

The suspect in the case, Curtis Flournoy, was arrested Sunday:

Imagine there’s no video evidence in this case. How high would the left’s level of outrage be right now? The Code Red button would’ve been hit days ago. The national news media would be all over the story. “Trump’s America strikes again.”

But the activist left’s outrage is muted. There will be no big marches, no hijacking of the interstates. And you won’t find much in the way of national coverage of this story – because the suspect isn’t white. And probably didn’t vote for Donald Trump. As a result, the New York Times and MSNBC, mouthpieces for social justice warriors, can’t sensationalize the story night after night and blame it on the president.

So the hate crime – which sounds like a “hoax” only by way of the fact that the suspect tried to pass off his note as being written by white people – remains primarily a local story, because the race of the suspect doesn’t fit Big Media/left wing narratives.

Interesting how that works, isn’t it?