This Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Week So Far – Explained

In case you missed it...
In case you missed it…

So many developing, hot button stories to talk about from this week. Yet so little time. Here are my quick takes on five of them.

Will Donald Trump Be Tried For Treason?

In the fevered swamps otherwise known as the DNC, nothing would be more welcomed than to completely and utterly delegitimize Donald Trump’s presidency by making “treason” allegations stick. Thanks to the whole alleged Russia “collusion” issue and Trump, Jr’s release of so-called “damaging emails”, Democrats think they have their smoking gun. But y’all, here’s a little tip: It’s not gonna happen. Legal eagle Jonathan Turley explains:

And besides, if Hillary hadn’t done a little “colluding” of her own with the Russians, there would be no dirt to dig on her (very lucrative) dealings with them anyway.

It’s not exactly breaking news that Republicans and Democrats play dirty politics in crucial election years. And while disappointing, it’s also not breaking news that campaign and other political operatives will work with foreign governments to dig up damaging information on their political opposition. Next?

New York Times Columnist David Brooks Steps In It – Again

In a piece published in the nation’s “newspaper of record” (cough) Tuesday, the Times‘ favorite Republican waxed on about how his attempt at an act of noblesse oblige failed badly. In response to what he wrote, Brooks was widely mocked. Here’s one of the best responses:

It should be noted for the record, however, that gourmet sandwiches are much more appealing than crap sandwiches. Hopefully Brooks will one day stop routinely feeding the latter to readers.

Teen Vogue Wants To Enlighten Jr./Sr. High School Girls On The Ins And Outs Of Anal Sex

So… this happened:

When it comes to your body, it’s important that you have the facts.

Posted by Teen Vogue on Monday, July 10, 2017

Presumably, the editors at the magazine knew they’d get some social media backlash for this and were prepared to run with it anyway. Hopefully they’re also prepared for the angry feedback from concerned parents rushing to cancel subscriptions to the “fashion” publication for believing writing “how to’s” for teen girls on sexual positions equates to “female empowerment.”

MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough: I’m Leaving The Republican Party

Folks, this news is about a surprising as singer Ricky Martin’s announcement last year that he was gay. They both made formal declarations just to make it officially official, but most of us already knew it well in advance. Okay?

About That Amelia Earhart “Post-Disappearance” Photo

On a lighter, more intriguing note, questions are now being raised as to whether or not a photo that was featured in a recent History Channel documentary was taken after the famous aviator disappeared in 1937. It’s unclear whether History’s ongoing investigation into the matter includes inquiries as to just what New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is doing in the photograph:

That’s a wrap. Until next time…