Link Love: Five Stories You Might Have Missed

In case you missed it..., NC Dems width=
In case you missed it…

Here are five stories you may have missed this month.

Segregation In Vogue With North Carolina Democrats Again?

Hard to believe (well, not really), but it would appear that segregating folks by race has become fashionable again in North Carolina among Democrats. Via Campus Reform:

The new Director of Multicultural Student Affairs at North Carolina State University recently pledged to create a segregated housing option for “women of color” only.

Nashia Whittenburg, who was hired by NC State less than a month ago, shared her plans to create the housing option for female minority students in a university news release published Tuesday, adding that she plans to submit an official proposal for the housing option by February 2018.

“The point and purpose is if you are a Latina and you are an engineering major, with a very specific specialization, you may not ever see anybody who looks like you,” Whittenburg explained. “But when you come home, here is your opportunity to get some support and to deal with some of the microaggressions you might have had to deal with throughout your entire day when you’ve been at class.”

While NC State already has two housing options for racial minorities””one exclusively for black males and another for Native American students””the school does not currently have one for female racial minority students, hence Whittenburg’s proposal.

Lemme check my calendar. Yep, just confirmed that it’s 2017. I guess for Democrats old habits do indeed die hard.

The Raleigh News and Observer Editorial Board Continues To Be In Denial About Obamacare

Sigh. The N&O are up to their old tricks:

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina, which insures about 500,000 Obamacare customers in the state, has substantially cut its original rate hike request subject to approval by state regulators from 22.9 percent to 14.1 percent. The company, the only one that serves all 100 counties, is due credit for this decision, and for its candor in acknowledging that the reason for this refreshing surprise is more stability in the marketplace and in the ACA.

In other words, despite all the doomsaying from the Trump administration, where the vow has been to let Obamacare fail, it appears Obamacare may be working for many people.

Here’s a newsflash for the N&O: Obamacare is already a failure. Millions of Americans lost healthcare insurance plans they liked under the failed law. In fact, 473,000 North Carolinans lost their plans thanks to Obamacare, something both the N&O and their sister paper the Charlotte Observer wrote about in November of 2013 in a piece that – oddly enough – can no longer be easily found on either website:

The costs of those policies are expected to increase, but insurance companies do not want to get bogged down in protracted negotiations with regulators. More than 473,000 people in North Carolina have lost their health insurance because of plan terminations, the state insurance department said.

Facts. They sure are pesky little things.

Speaking Of Our Friends At The N&O …

Chchchanges are comin’:

Will this lead to much-needed improvements at the struggling paper? Stay tuned.

The Fauxtrage Mob Strikes (Out) Again

Tennis superstar Serena Williams landed herself in a bit of hot water this week after suggesting that when she gives birth it will make her feel like a “real woman”:

Her comments have drawn criticism, with social media users accusing her of having a ‘narrow’ world view and questioning whether she thinks those who are unable to have children – or choose not to – are not “real women”.

“you just set women back 50 years. thanks,” said one Twitter user, echoing the thoughts of many in the Fauxtrage mob.

Barrier-breaker Williams also said in the same interview that she viewed herself as a feminist who “stuck up” for women and women’s rights, but of course those remarks were largely ignored because they don’t fit the narrative.

A Baby Is Not A Baby, But A Woman Is A Man When He Says He Is

Right. Confusing. The Blaze‘s Matt Walsh explains the left’s bizarre “man gives birth to baby” rationale perfectly:

In the Left’s version of things, a woman with a baby in her womb is a man, but the baby in the womb isn’t a person. All it takes for the woman to be a man, despite lacking every physical qualifier, is that she wants to be one. But the baby, despite having every physical qualifier necessary to be a human, still does not get to be one. That’s how we end up with a “man” carrying around in “his” womb a mass of magical tissue which will become a person at some undetermined point through some process nobody can explain. She’s a man even though she’s a woman, and she gave birth to a person who wasn’t a person until he was born, even though he’s the same person after birth that he was before.


Ponder that one over the weekend, y’all.

Until next time…