That Sliver Of Sunlight

Muffie T. - 7/18/16
Muffie T. – 7/18/16

Watching as the sun began to peek around earlier today from behind the clouds, I felt my “meh” morning start to brighten, and not just literally. There’s something to be said for how sunlight can impact your disposition. Each day the sun battles the clouds – and wins – usually ends up being a better day for a lot of us.

This is something I think animals know well. My sweet Muffie cat, who we lost last October after 17 wonderful years, always managed to find the slivers of sunlight in the house that had filtered in through a window or the glass door. Even if it was just a small circle. Her fur would be shiny, warm, smooth, and soft to the touch when I’d pet her while she was basking in one. Her warmth – and the sunshine itself – gave me such a sense of contentment and peace in a world that often seemed (and still does seem) upside down.

When you’re in a dark place, always seek out those slivers of sunlight. Sometimes they’re not so easy to find, especially in a rainstorm. But eventually, after the storm passes, they’ll appear.