Lunchtime Links: More Calls For Roy Moore To Drop Out, Capitol Hill ‘Creep List’?

Lunchtime Links
Hopefully these won’t ruin your appetite…

More calls for embattled Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore (R) to drop out, the Capitol Hill ‘Creep List’, and more in today’s lunchtime links.

— MORE WOES FOR MOORE: Senator Ted Cruz becomes the latest high-profile politico to “unendorse” Moore’s candidacy. Cruz even took it a step further by suggesting that some of the allegations against Moore may “merit criminal prosecution.” Ouch.

— AL PAPER SAYS MOORE “GROSSLY UNFIT FOR OFFICE”: penned a scathing editorial on Roy Moore, stating unequivocally of Moore’s accusers that “[w]e believe these women.”

— “I BELIEVE JUANITA”: More liberals are stepping up to the plate and admitting they were wrong to dismiss Clinton accuser Juanita Broadderick’s allegations of rape against former President Clinton. As I wrote yesterday, better late than never – but still awfully convenient.

— URANIUM ONE DEAL UNDER THE MICROSCOPE? “The Justice Department informed members of the House Judiciary Committee on Monday that it has directed senior federal prosecutors to evaluate “certain issues” surrounding the Uranium One deal, the Clinton Foundation, and other matters.” – via the Washington Free Beacon. Intriguing.

— TRUMP, JR. AND WIKILEAKS – A “NOTHINGBURGER”? Yes, says Daily Wire‘s Ben Shapiro.

— ANOTHER REASON NOT TO READ GQ: This actually happened –> Colin Kaepernick GQ’s ‘Citizen of the Year’; Pro-Sharia Linda Sarsour Also Makes List.

— HE’S BAAACK! Good to see Senator Rand Paul back in action on Capitol Hill. DC Examiner‘s Paul Bedard talked to the Senator about the six broken ribs he suffered at the hands of a creepy neighbor and more.

— SPEAKING OF ‘CREEPY’ AND CAPITOL HILL: CNN has a disturbing report about an informal so-called “creep list” circulating in DC that revolves around secret reports of lawmakers allegedly engaging in very inappropriate behavior, some of it “predatory.” Read the full story on the “creep list.”