“UnSlut” Founder: Innocent Men Who Lose Jobs Are a Necessary “MeToo” Sacrifice

In case you missed it...
In case you missed it…

Emily Lindin, whose feminist credits include being the founder of the “UnSlut Project” and a sometime-columnist for Teen Vogue, went on a bizarre Tweetstorm* earlier this week on the issue of advancing the “MeToo” movement:



Folks, she’s 100% serious.

Everyone who predicted progressive feminists would warp and distort “MeToo” into something it’s not and never should be, please raise your hands.

Yeah. Me,too.

The wave of women who have gotten the courage to speak up in the aftermath of the Weinstein allegations has been nothing short of tidal. It’s vitally important that their voices be heard. But by the same token, it’s also important for a common set of criteria for determining guilt or innocence be established in the public debate over this since many cases won’t be tried in a court of law.

Some of the men accused of inappropriate sexual conduct, like Charlie Rose, have more or less admitted to it. Others, like “Star Trek”‘s George Takei and “Entourage”‘s Jeremy Piven, have not.

Piven has reportedly passed a lie detector test he took in an effort to defend himself from the allegations.

For some, their method for determining someone’s innocence or guilt is to look at the number of accusers, if their descriptions of the incidents they allege took place are similar in nature (as the stories told from Weinstein’s accusers were), and whether or not the people backing their stories up seem credible.

For the Emily Lindins of the world, their only criteria seems to be that if you’re a guy, you’re guilty first. You’re all bad. No questions asked. If we find out otherwise later, after you’ve lost your livelihood, and your life has been destroyed by the false accusations, who cares?

Lindin’s thought bubble is one of many frightening suggestions put forth by so-called feminists in the aftermath of the start of MeToo. Some are demanding male victims of sexual assault and harassment NOT “co-opt” the movement with their own traumatic stories and experiences. Especially if they say they were victimized by women.

Other women are trivializing MeToo by not distinguishing between what is truly sexual harassment or assault versus other situations that women find themselves in with men. Examples would be those that are are more awkward or uncomfortable than threatening (like a man asking for your phone number, or complimenting your eyes).

Scarier still is the fact that Lindin’s idea has already been tried and in the end, nobody wins. Not the men who are falsely accused, and not actual victims of sexual harassment or assault.

Women who make false claims of this nature hurt other women whose stories are real and not imagined.

Maybe one day Ms. Lindin and others who agree with her will come to this realization – once they put away their pitchforks.

NOTE: *Due to the backlash over her comments, Ms. Lindin “locked” (protected) her Twitter account, which is why a screen capture of her original tweets was used in this post.*