Lunchtime Links: Jobs Report, Accusation Avalanche, Hodgepodge!

Lunchtime Links
Stories you might have missed…

The November jobs report, more sexual harassment allegations and resignations, and a hodgepodge of news stories you might have missed in today’s Lunchtime Links…

BLS: Employment Situation Summary
The Blaze: Economy beats expectations, adds 228,000 jobs in November; unemployment remains unchanged
The Street: Stocks Higher After US Adds More Jobs Than Expected in November
CNBC: Bitcoin plummets just hours after setting yet another record
DC Examiner: House Republicans pressure leaders to repeal estate tax in conference tax bill

Politico: Ethics Committee launches investigation into Farenthold (R-TX) sexual harassment allegations
CNN: GOP Rep. Mia Love (Utah): Farenthold should resign
Mediaite: X-Men Director Bryan Singer Accused of Raping 17-Year-Old Boy, Threatening Him Into Silence
ABC News: Roy Moore accuser Beverly Young Nelson: ‘I pray that he’s changed’
People: Dylan Farrow Asks Why Woody Allen Has Been Spared After Harvey Weinstein Scandal

WaPo: Rep. Trent Franks of Arizona, who asked staffers if they would bear his child as a surrogate, says he will resign
Daily Beast: Sheriff Joe Arpaio Not Interested in Trent Franks’ Seat
John Fund: Democrats forced Franken out to ramp up their strategy to bring down Trump
New Yorker: What John Conyers’s Resignation Means for the Congressional Black Caucus
NYT: Paris Review Editor Resigns Amid Inquiry Into His Conduct With Women

WBIR: Winter storm dumps rare snow in south Texas, threatens swath from Deep South to New England
Dallas News: Photos: South Texas gets blanketed in rare snowfall
LA Times: An estimated 25 horses die in fires at San Luis Rey Downs
WNPR: California Struggles To Gain On Fires As New Ones Appear Daily
BBC News: California wildfires: Flames seen from space

Sister Toldjah: A Lot of People Owe Corey Feldman An Apology
AP Dillon: Washington Post Strikes Out Twice In One Article On NC Taxes
Sister Toldjah: UK Mom: β€˜Sleeping Beauty’ Didn’t Give Consent To Be Kissed By The Prince
AP Dillon: Special Master Persily Produces Plan, Maps for NC Redistricting
2nd Vote: Did National Anthem Protesters Shakedown the NFL? You Be the Judge.
Staff: FBI and DOJ have Been Under Investigation Since January