Good News Wednesday: Secret Santas, Teddy Bear Rain, and More

Secret Santa and gifts
Santa gets an early start this year. ;)

Here are five “good news” stories involving Secret Santas and other do-gooders for Wednesday that will warm your heart:


The USA Today reports that some lucky Christmas shoppers in both New Jersey and Pennsylvania were treated to a pleasant surprise this week:

A Secret Santa paid off $49,000 of layaway items at the Millville Walmart in New Jersey this week.

The Secret Santa, who store manager Rosie Kaur said does not want to be identified, paid off $49,000 worth of layaway merchandise for 223 people on Saturday. And it wasn’t the only good deed this week. In Everett, Pa., a Secret Santa paid $40,000 in Walmart layaway items, according to CBS 21 in Pa.

Looks like Secret Santa “Charlie K.” has started a trend. ;)


KMBC has a touching story about a Kansas City woman who gives back to the community by crocheting scarves:

For years [Dee] Clark has combined her passions to help Kansas Citians stay warm. As a retiree, Clark spends her free time crocheting scarves and traveling throughout the city to leave her crafts hanging on trees and laying on tables and benches at parks and other locations throughout town.

Attached to the scarves, a message of kindness and generosity.

“Need a scarf to stay warm? Take this one.”

Clark estimates she’s donated more than 400 items over the last three years, and she doesn’t care who receives them. All she cares is that anyone that needs warmth gets it.

Secret Santas all over the place. Well done!


People shared this heartwarming story:

A mother from Idaho was struck with gratitude when her family received $10,000 from a Secret Santa, which will help pay for medical bills for her husband, who is battling ALS.


… an early Christmas miracle fell upon the family in December, when the team from East Idaho News presented the family with a $10,000 check, coming from a kind-hearted Secret Santa who is on a mission to give away $200,000 before Christmas to people in need with the help of the news station.

“The whole thing was a surprise!” Mindy [Rees] recalls excitedly. “It totally caught me off guard!”

After news of their Christmas miracle spread, the Mindy received many other offers to help, even being gifted a lift-equipped van by a local family that will help get Wyatt to medical appointments.


Thanks, Secret Santas. :-)


Oh yes. And it’s about as fun as it sounds:

When you think of hockey games, the last thing you probably think of is a barrage of teddy bears being flung onto the ice after a goal. Hockey has a long list of strange and wacky traditions, but the Teddy Bear Toss is among the best, and cutest, of the bunch.

The idea was invented in 1993 by the Kamloops Blazers, a major junior hockey team in Canada’s WHL, but has since become popularized by more than a handful of hockey teams. Perhaps the most famous is the Teddy Bear Toss done by the Calgary Hitmen of the WHL, where in 23 seasons since the start of their tradition in 1995, fans have thrown 347,948 stuffed animals onto the ice.

This past weekend, Hitmen fans showered their ice with 24,605 stuffed animals, all benefiting 60 local agencies and charities in the Calgary area.

Watch them rain down:



From Newsweek:

While visiting the Children’s National Hospital in Washington, D.C., the FLOTUS took questions from children and staff. When asked by 10-year-old Andy where she wished to spend the holiday season, she replied, “I would spend my holidays on a deserted island, tropical island, with my family.”

The answer triggered laughter around the hospital, including from FLOTUS herself.

Trump paid a visit to the hospital as continuation of a December tradition started more than 60 years ago by first lady Bess Truman. Besides dreaming of a yuletide worthy of Robinson Crusoe, the current first lady had a few other wishes for Christmas, though they failed to excite the crowd as much.

Video of some of the sights and sounds is below.