Doug Jones: Time To “Move On” From Trump Sexual Misconduct Allegations

Senator-Elect Doug Jones
Senator-Elect Doug Jones (D-AL). Screen grab via CNN.

When it comes to the sexual harassment allegations against President Donald Trump, Senator-Elect Doug Jones (AL) is breaking with many of his fellow Democrats:

Jones told CNN’s Jake Tapper on “State of the Union” Sunday morning that he doesn’t agree with some in his party who say Trump should resign from office over the sexual harassment and sexual assault allegations against him, which Trump has denied.

“(T)hose allegations were made before the election, and so people had an opportunity to judge before that election,” Jones said.


“Let’s get on with the real issues that are facing people of this country right now, and I don’t think that the President ought to resign at this point,” Jones said. “We will see how things go. But, certainly, those allegations are not new, and he was elected with those allegations at front and center.”

Also during the interview, Jones stated he is ready to work across the aisle with Republicans to get things done in the Senate:

“(O)ne of the problems in American politics right now, in my opinion, is that everybody thinks, because you’re a member of one party or another, you’re going to vote a certain way,” Jones said. “And that should not be the case. I’m going to talk to people on both sides of the aisle, try to figure out what I think is in the best interests of my state and in the country. Now, don’t expect me to vote solidly for Republicans or Democrats.”

Sounds like Doug Jones is keenly aware that he’s representing constituents in a deep red state, and is acting accordingly. If hardliner Democrats were expecting Jones to fall in line with their agenda, they might be in for some serious disappointment.

Time will tell.

You can watch Tapper’s Sunday interview with Jones below:

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