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Feminist Mob Rule, not the filibuster, defeated Texas’ pro-life #SB5

You may have seen the fawning, gushing, and drooling pro-abortion types in the mainstream media were doing last night and today over Texas state Senator Wendy Davis (D) and her 13 hour filibuster of Texas’ SB5, a bill that makes abortion clinics in Texas safer and would effectively ban abortions after 20 weeks. But if you listen to hyperventilating “feminists” who lied through their teeth about how the bill would “ban” clinics across Texas, you would have never known that. Anyway, the deal is that yesterday was the last day of the special legislative session called for by Gov. Perry and Davis and her cohorts knew that if she could filibuster the bill until midnight, it would kill the bill for this session.  Davis was a perfect icon for the “feminist” left because she had an baby as a teenager and managed to pull herself up from a trailer park to  Harvard and has had a successful career ever since.  Also, she is known for her showy filibusters in Texas, a state which is now currently under GOP control, and where Democrats stay frustrated......   [Read More]