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Music Wednesday – Open Thread

Been an absolutely insane week politics-wise, in particular here in NC where the Democrats have gone bat-shi*t crazy since losing power after 125+ years of political domination. It’s “hit the panic button!!” day every day here with them. With that in mind, I’m taking it easy for the rest of the night......   [Read More]

Weekend Open Thread

Kind of a quiet weekend here at Casa Toldjah, which is the way I like it right now. Loooong week, and one in which I didn’t get enough sleep, worked my fannie off, and feel like I yelled a lot. Taking the weekend to catch my breath. Hope you’re having a good one......   [Read More]

Weekend Open Thread

It’s overcast here in Charlotte today but still nice enough to go out and do some spring shopping for some outdoor items to spruce up the front and back yard. Below is a picture of some of the beautiful azaleas at my mom and dad’s house. I love this time of year! .....   [Read More]