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On Gov. Jan Brewer’s veto of #SB1062 – the religious rights bill

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock the last week or so you’ve heard about Arizona’s SB 1062 bill – dubbed by the mainstream media and those who oppose it as the “anti-gay” bill when the more correct term for it is that it actually was a religious rights/freedoms bill, a point even some national MSM outlets finally recognized … but only once it was vetoed last night by Governor Jan Brewer......   [Read More]

Democrat #MIsen candidate attacks cancer victim, TV stations, over #Obamacare ad

So Obamacare and the lies its proponents have repeatedly told about it has become so toxic for Democrats in an election year that a Michigan US Senate candidate – who is currently a representative in the US House – is not only trying to silence a cancer victim, but also is threatening a TV station’s licenses for running her an ad that features her story:.....   [Read More]