NYT coverage of the Air America scandal

Posted by: ST on August 3, 2005 at 11:20 pm

This scandal hit the blogosphere about a week ago and still nothing from from the NYTimes and other major media outlets.  John at Powerline writes:

The New York Times has yet to print a single word about the scandal; when the Times last covered Air America, it was to promote Al Franken as a Senate candidate. Normally, one might expect the Times to be interested in this kind of story. In today’s paper, for example, the Times covers a much more boring controversy in which Westchester County’s District Attorney is being pressed to reimburse the county for the expense of after-hours security. The story is a yawner. The DA has a legitimate argument that she needs 24-hour security because of her job; there are no falsified reports or conflicting stories; no one is stealing money from poor children or Alzheimer’s victims; and no one is funding a controversial political and commercial enterprise. Yet the Times finds the story newsworthy, while ignoring Air Enron, which is also taking place in its own back yard. Why? Well, maybe because it’s because the Westchester DA is a Republican, Jeanine Pirro, who is interested in higher office. Or maybe it’s because no hard work–like actually carrying out an investigation–was necessary; all the Times had to do was quote Democratic Party spokesmen.

Precisely. Had this been a scandal involving Rush Limbaugh, the media would have been all over it.  Instead, they are engaged in business as usual – which means the blogosphere will have to do their jobs for them.

More from Austin Bay.

By the way, please check out Michelle Malkin’s latest column on this scandal: Air America and the race hustlers.  And make sure to take a look at the cover of her upcoming book :)

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6 Responses to “NYT coverage of the Air America scandal”


  1. The AA story may finally be breaking; per Hugh Hewitt, CNN’s online blog has recently discussed the ‘dubious investments’.

    Sounds as though the Blogsphere has struck again…

  2. Excellent! It took ’em long enough.

  3. Well, they ARE the MSM, after all. They need blogs like this one to make ’em sit up and take note.

    Think what would’ve happened ten years back: we’d never have heard anything about possible AA irregularities–never.

    No wonder the MSM despise blogs….

  4. Yeah, some in the MSM definitely aren’t too crazy about bloggers ;)

  5. greyfox says:

    I’ve seen the Air America story all over the news. The reason it’s not taking off is because there are real issues like Rove/Plame, like The Ohio Massacre, and like a dubious war with no end in sight. Besides, how exited is America going to get because some little minority kids may have gotten ripped off?