Air America “rescued”

Posted by: ST on January 29, 2007 at 2:02 pm

It might be rescued financially, but otherwise the people on AAR still need serious help.

I’m sure this latest news will be spun as a ‘success’ story for AAR, too. LOL.

Also, the HuffPo is also reporting that Al ‘I’ll tackle rightie protesters for free’ Franken will be leaving AAR in a few weeks to explore a possible Senate run. Let’s hope his run for Senate is no more ‘successful’ than AAR has been over the years, which is to say, not much.

Hat tip: Byron York


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4 Responses to “Air America “rescued””


  1. Marshall Art says:

    It may be rescued financially, but they’ll still need either listeners or lefty sponsors that don’t mind donating. If it’s the latter, then they’ll basically be paying to have these buffoons talk to themselves.

    Al Franken running for public office could be good theater if things were different in the world. But for him to be a legitimate contender speaks volumes about the lack of wisdom on the left.

  2. Dana says:

    Marshall, you’ve got to remember that Jerry Springer was supposedly a serious contender for the Senate from Ohio, so Mr Franken being a contender is a (baby) step up for the Democrats.

    You know, if Rush Limbaugh had failed in his syndicated show, there wouldn’t have been conservative businessmen propping him up; they’d have let him fail.

  3. Marshall Art says:

    No doubt, Dana. As to the Springer campaign, there’s that “lack of wisdom” problem again. The left rarely votes on substance, so I put nothing passed them. They’d run Spongebob if they thought he’d get votes.