Powerline Blog News debuts

Here’s the 411:

If you’re like us, you can’t go for more than a few hours without checking the web to make sure you haven’t missed an interesting breaking news item. There are lots of places to go for breaking news, but until now, to our knowledge, there hasn’t been a place where you could go for the latest wire service stories, web-based commentary, and other news sources. So we created one: Power Line News.

Power Line News is intended to be the ultimate resource for news junkies. You can check out breaking news stories, see how the stock market is doing, and pick up the latest in blog-based political commentary via RSS feeds from top political sites. (More will be added as we go along.) In addition, if you scroll over the map of the world at the top of the site, you can access major newspapers from around the world. And the links on the left side of the page bring you the latest news from selected countries, and by category, such as business, entertainment, sports, etc.

This looks like it’s going to be a great tool for bloggers and others who want to stay on top of the latest news.  Make sure to check it out!  I’ve linked up to it under the "News Outlets" sidebar section here as well for future reference.

As for me, I’ve got some bills to pay and some reading to catch up on, so methinks I’m done blogging for the evening (unless some major news breaks).  I’ll be around for a bit here and there to comment, though emoticon

Oh, and did I mention that I can’t wait until my new blogskin design debuts? I’ve given Lisa at Elegant Webscapes a few (ok, well more than a few *grin*) ideas of what I want and hopefully we’ll see the debut in the next couple of weeks.  She has this amazing ability of interpreting my ideas into something much better than what they actually are :)   I’ve enjoyed the blogskins I have, but I’m ready for something different!  For those of you who want to check out the other two skins I have currently (and remember, they look a bit ‘wonky’ in browsers outside of IE and/or screen resolutions other than 1024×768) go under the "About this site" column and click the down arrow to switch them up.  The "Geek Girl" skin is up at the moment because it’s the one that looks best in most browsers and screen resolutions.  My personal preference is for the one called "Sister Toldjah" (it was the first skin here) and that’s what I view my blog out of here on my desktop and laptop.

About that ‘message’

Yesterday I posted on this blog about a statement Howard Dean made to a group of Vermont Democrats.  In summary, Dean said, "We need a message."

Well, via Jim at bRight & Early, I read today a bit about last week’s Young Democrats of America biennial convention. One of the speakers there was New Mexico governor Bill Richardson, who seems to be on the same page as Dean.  In the San Francisco Bay Guardian, Governor Richardson was quoted as saying the following in his speech to the convention:

He [Richardson] said the Democratic Party can’t continue as a Washington, DC-based party. We need more leadership at the state level, like the 12 Democratic governors in the red states. He lamented all the talk about how to craft the party’s message, saying, "I have to first figure out what we stand for."

San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom (the one who – on his own – declared gay marriage legal in San Francisco) spoke to the group as well:

He lamented that politicians won’t say in public what they say to him in private. Publicly they are very good at identifying the obvious, but they don’t want to talk about solutions. "I am not popular in my party," he said. "What’s the point of winning if you can’t advance your principles? You can’t talk in ideals unless you are willing to manifest them."

I suppose to him that would mean "doing what you think is right, regardless of whether or not it’s legal."

Anyway, bottom line is that Jim’s conclusion to all this talk about Democrats needing to get a message is right on.  He summarized nicely here:

It’s a simple, two-part message:

  1. We’re not really sure what we stand for, but we are holding discussions to figure it out.
  2. If we can’t figure out what we stand for, it doesn’t really matter. We just have to frame it the right way.

Bang on.  We’ve heard for ages *from* Dems that they need to get a message.  For their sakes, hopefully they’ll get one soon outside of  "whatever Bush is for, we’re against."

Give ’em Zell

Former Democratic Senator Zell Miller, who gave a firestarter of a speech at the 2004 RNC, is back in the news.  Seems the President has bestowed an appointment on him:

After snubbing his Democratic Party to deliver the Republican keynote address for President Bush, former Georgia Sen. Zell Miller seemed a good bet for an ambassadorship, adviser post or maybe even a Cabinet office. On Tuesday, the White House revealed Miller’s choice: a seat on the American Battle Monuments Commission.

"I’m just an old man looking after cemeteries," Miller said in an interview Tuesday after President Bush tapped him for the job.

Although Miller has retired from virtually all aspects of public life since leaving the Senate in January, he acknowledged letting Bush know of his interest in the commission last year after returning from the 60th anniversary of the Battle of Normandy.

Congrats, Senator, and thank you for serving our country – both in the military, and in the US Senate.

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