Chris Hitchens is my hero

And George Galloway is a complete slug.  I feel like I’m listening to an English Hitler.  The man is disgusting and revolting and surprisingly low on facts.  Hitchens is kicking his behind.

I’m listening to the debate between the two. If you get a chance, scroll down on this page for links to the debate.  I should add that the questioner is obviously anti-war.

I’m logging off after listening to this as I am wiped out.  It has been a long week at work.  Sorry I have not been blogging as much as normal these past few days – it’s been a really busy time for me and will continue to be til the end of the week.  I look very forward to the weekend when blogging can get back to normal for me :)

Update: Here’s a liveblogging of the event at Decison ’08.  Hat tip: Michelle Malkin.

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