Fisking Clinton’s dissing of the President

This past weekend, President Clinton went on the attack about President Bush, calling the Iraq war unnecessary and putting the lion’s share of the blame for the Katrina response on the federal government.

John at Powerline has posted a righteous fisking of Clinton’s claims and notes something everyone should be aware of and that is the fact that Clinton’s wife, Senator Hillary, may be considering a presidential run (I think even without any sort of ‘official’ announcement it’s pretty safe to assert that):

Clinton’s vicious attack is even worse in the context of his wife’s Presidential bid: it is fair to assume that he was motivated not only by partisanship, but by his own desire to re-occupy the White House, and, most likely, wield once more the levers of power.

Read the whole thing.  Clinton this weekend directly contradicted claims he made just two years ago about Iraq and WMD, as well as comments he made about a week ago concerning the Katrina blame game.  This is the Clinton we know and detest.  He played nice for Bush’s first term, but the gloves are off this time around.  His wife is aiming for the WH, and Clinton knows that presents another shot at power for him, albeit in the role of second fiddle.

(Hat tip: Betsy Newmark)

More: The guys at Junkyard Blog also take Clinton and his comments to task.  Jason at Generation Why? weighs in as well.

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